Just Turn Him Off!

Isn’t it ironic how the media keeps talking about how dangerous Trump’s message is for America while at the same time devoting their entire daily programming to cover him? It reminds me of the American Heroes Channel.  Everyday they have shows about Hitler and the Nazi’s.  Since everyone agrees that they were evil and it would be wrong for that message of hate to continue, doesn’t it makes sense to just stop showing daily episodes about it? Seriously, it feels like they are constantly recruiting more racists. Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it almost seems like they don’t want it to end…hhhmmm….

The media has the power to end Trump’s movement if they really wanted to. If they really were concerned with the negative message Trump is sending, all they would need to do it stop covering him. That’s right, do like I do to the daily Nazi advertising. I turn it off! The media could simply stop showing up to his speeches, stop talking about his message, stop reading his tweets, stop acting shocked whenever he does or says something appalling, stop paying him attention and just turn him off. Yes, I know there are social outlets he could use, but this man is narcissistic to the core. He has to be in the limelight. Social Media isn’t enough. If he stopped seeing the media show up to his events he’d be devastated. He would throw a temper tantrum worse than the pouting he was doing at O’Reilly after the Fox News Debate. (He starts around the 4 min mark.)

So, since we now know that the media could care less about how Trump’s message sets the country back 40 years, I guess the rest of us better be ready for a lot more blatant and bold racism. The racists have been emboldened. They feel like they can finally express their frustration and hate. I mean, when in the hell would you have ever thought you’d see this happen?

I still can’t believe he got away with that without an ass whooping. I mean, what’s up with his boy? He just let the old guy get the drop on his boy and he didn’t do sh*t. Anyway, my point to all of this is, if we don’t want to spread the hate, just turn it off!


5 thoughts on “Just Turn Him Off!

  1. I think you need to see the video from the Arizona ralley.
    A BLACK Trump supporter punches and kicks a anti-Trump protester.
    So who’s the racist?
    People are just fed up with 8 long years of liberal Democrats ruining our country.


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