Does anyone remember this?

It seems like we have always felt that way about our presidents, well except for Bill Clinton, some of yall fell for the okie doke simply because he played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall, smoked weed, and got caught with his pants down, literally. His policies proved he was playing us, but that’s for another post. Besides Bill, we have always felt like the past presidents did not care about us. Like our needs were never met.  We go to work everyday living paycheck to paycheck while the government takes its share out of our checks before we even get them. Meanwhile, this same government continually allows the fat cats on Wall Street to skate free without paying taxes and in some cases they even give them additional funding! And where does this additional funding come from? That’s right, our little payday to payday scraping-to-get-by bimonthly checks.

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” to quote a common expression. So common, in fact, that we don’t even fight it, we just accept it as reality. I mean, what can we do about it right? Like Pac said,  “that’s just the way it is.” Bush allowed it to happen, Obama allows it to happen, Hillary’s daughter works for Wall Street, plus they pay her and Bill millions of dollars for speeches so you know Hillary won’t do anything to stop them. I guess we are just stuck in this system right?

But wait! What about Bernie? He’s the only candidate who has been talking about this topic the entire race.  He’s been fighting this injustice for half a century! We finally have a presidential candidate who is fighting for a cause that can benefit blacks and we choose not to vote for him? Why? Cus, we know Hillary? We like Hillary? How will her proposals help us? Bernie is fighting for free Healthcare; free college, an end to corporate welfare, an end to this wealth gap and an end to this crooked criminal justice system but we rather vote for someone who will give us more of the same? She admitted, all she wants to do is continue what Obama started! More of the same!  So since we are deciding to bypass our chance at Real Change, I have a few words for my people: DON’T SAY SH*T! That’s right! When you can’t afford tuition and you have to take out loans: DON’T SAY SH*T! When Sallie Mae or Navient is stalking and harassing yo ass for that payment: DON’T SAY SH*T! If, (God forbid) you have to spend some time in the hospital and your insurance doesn’t cover everything: DON’T SAY SH*T! This is our opportunity to finally get some relief, to have a burden lifted from us and we are choosing to ignore it. So, please from now on DON’T SAY SH*T!



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