It’s Time for Hip Hop to Enter Politics

Tupac and the Outlawz idolized political figures such as Idi Amin,  Mussolini, Niccolò Machiavelli, and Saddam Hussein. Biggie and countless other rappers idolized Frank White, Scarface, Pablo Escobar and  Noreaga.  All of these figures whether good or bad represented POWER.  Some obtained power as politicians and others as drug dealers. Regardless of the means, hip hop has always been attracted to being the top dog, the leader in charge calling all the shots. Knowing this trait about the culture of hip hop, I find it rather ironic that hip hop has not taken the plunge into the world of politics.  THERE IS NO ONE MORE POWERFUL THAN A POLITICIAN.  Instead of idolizing these leaders, it’s time for hip hop to hold political offices. Kanye claims that he is going to run for office in 2020 and I am not saying I’m endorsing him, however, I do hope that his attempt begins to pave the way for more of our culture to grow up and get serious about how important politics is in our lives.  In the current presidential race both Hillary and Bernie are trying to win the black vote (while the Republicans don’t even try) it leads me to question, where is our true representative? How great would it be to see someone from our culture running for office? It’s time hip hop!




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