Bernie Plans to Eliminate All For – Profit Prisons!

Cornel West wrote a piece in Politicol defining why Bernie Sanders is better for black America than Hillary Clinton. In the article he highlights a list of arguments in support of Bernie including free healthcare and college, his history of supporting civil rights and his goal to fix the economic system. All of which I have known for the last few years since following Bernie’s views. However, when I read that he plans on shrinking mass incarceration and completely eleminating all for-profit prisons, the reality hit me more than ever how important his victory is to us! He is trying to tear down walls that have been blocking the progress of millions of Americans. Bernie is speaking the way we would want a black leader to speak. These are topics Obama didn’t even touch on when in Bernie’s position 8 years ago. A vote for Hillary would be more of the same. Bernie is our chance for real change. Read article here


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