Fox & Friends attacks Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance

Fox news is at it again! They claim Beyonce’s Superbowl performance was some how used to degrade police officers because she dressed in black like the Black Panther Party. I don’t know how it is legal for a “news” network to create obvious lies about someone and stay on the air without any repercussions. Stacy Dash talked about blacks making a decision whether or not to join the rest of America or be excluded, well how can blacks be a part of a country that continues to lie and create division? Anytime we stand up to injustice we are looked at as creating problems. If Fox would take the time to listen to what the song is about they would understand Beyonce is saying she’s proud to be who she is, what’s wrong with that? Everyday, in the social media comments I read people claiming to be so happy they are not black. The history of this country has made it a curse to be black. Blacks are ugly, blacks are poor, blacks are ghetto, blacks are thugs and drug dealers…etc…etc…So when Beyonce sings about embracing who you are and how you were born how is that wrong? People on Fox want an America where blacks simply accept the abuse given without ever taking a stand.  Sorry Fox those days are over.


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