White “Advocate” Groups Place Calls to Support Trump

Imagine answering your phone and hearing “We don’t need Muslims, we need smart well-educated white people.”


My look exactly! This is one of the messages being delivered to New Hampshire residents in hopes of gaining support for Donald Trump. Jared Taylor, editor for American Renaissance, is one of the voices on the phone.  In an interview with CNN he said “Why should we want more Muslims? They have been a problem in Europe.” He goes on to complain about Muslims stopping the assembly line to pray 5 times a day and a few other BS reasons he decided to mention. He also believes whites should live with whites and blacks with blacks while everyone else should leave altogether. I was actually shocked that he didn’t call for blacks to leave too but I’m sure he has his reason and it would result in a certain law from 1865 being reversed. This is the type of person attracted to Trump but Obama is always blamed for causing division in the country. Hmmm. Anyway, the link to the messages and the interview is listed below, enjoy!

Listen to the calls here.


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