Eric Garner’s Daughter Endorses Bernie Sanders

In this interview, Erica Garner speaks about supporting Bernie Sanders after hearing his message and realizing how he could improve the black community more than any other Presidential candidate.

I’m glad someone is out there finally speaking up.  Bernie has had the same message for decades.  I have no idea why the black community believes Hilary is the answer.  Bernie has always spoke against the wealth gap in the U.S.  He wants free healthcare and free college.  Those are basic needs that any advanced country should WANT to provide for its citizens. I don’t understand how people argue with these basic needs.  I mean, why wouldn’t you want your people to be healthy and smart?  If we are ever going to really be one nation filled with people who really love this country and feel at home here, we have to start caring for our people and treating everyone like we are included in the American Dream.


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